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Amazonia burns

Between June and September, is produced in the Amazonia the that is known as the dry months, and in this time, also brings the increased of fires that continually do not stop throughout the year in the sub region. These “unseen” fires have been set deliberately to “clean up” the forest and get new land for farming and cultivation. It is estimated, according to official numbers from the Brazilian government, that this practice only in the 2010, has consumed more than 15,000 square kilometers of forest. Continue reading

Interview with Alan Smith of Gold International, gold mine company operating in Amazonia

Interviewer: Mr. Smith, As the President of one of the largest transnational gold mine operating in the Amazonia, we are interested in knowing your argument, and we ask the universe for the strength to understand, so we can comprehend how your company justify the mining holocaust that is being cause to the green lung of the planet. Having said that, here is my question: Have your company ever tabulated the human cost and other species that die during the extraction process of every gram of gold in the Amazonia? Continue reading

The Earth is alive

The English scientist James Lovelock holds the hypothesis that the Earth, our planet, is a living being. So far others have failed to prove the contrary. According to this researcher there is evidence that demonstrates that the entire biosphere of the plant earth, until the last being that inhabits it can be considered to be a single global organism one in which all of its parts are related yet are sometimes so independent, like the cells of our body. This theory was called by Lovelock the hypothesis of Gaia (in honor of the ancient goddess of the earth). Continue reading

The children of lead from Bajos de Haina and La Oroya

 By Lenin Cardozo

The cities of Bajos de Haina , about 20 miles west of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and La Oroya, located at 175 kilometers from Lima, department of Junin in Peru, are the most contaminated populations with lead in the American continent. Continue reading

Latin American environmentalist beyond ideologies

By Lenin Cardozo*

Latin America has been very unfortunate copying the political European models. In short, everything that we are copying goes wrong, prone to bad. We were happy, before the arrival of men on horseback to the mainland. We came from venerate the nature to be monarchists. Then, at times be republicans, capitalist, nationalist, christian socialists, social democrats, socialists pure communist utopian or classic imperialist, anti-imperialist or pro-someone, because something we have to be, due to we find very hard to be ourselves. Continue reading

Latin America: Energy of life vs. death energy

The serious contingency suffered by Japan as a result of the earthquake and tsunami and provoked a chaos at Fukushima nuclear power plant, located 373 kilometers northeast of Tokyo, revived the worldwide reflection on the safe in the use of such energy. Powers like the U.S. and France have come in their defence, mainly because these two countries have almost the exclusive sellers in this kind of nuclear technologies. Its main spokesmen have minimized the accident in Japan and evaluate it as an isolated event without any major mishaps. Continue reading

Opportunities of geothermal energy in Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean are integrated in the decarbonised energy transition with the development of wind energy, photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal energy and the acceptance of electric cars with lithium batteries. Continue reading