Reports on Gaddafi”s Flight Ruled Out

Tripoli, Aug 20 (Prensa Latina) Libyan official sources and foreign governments said that transnational media reports claiming that leader Muammar Gaddafi has fled the country are groundless.

The official Libyan spokesperson, Musa Ibrahim, denied that Gaddafi had sought political asylum in South America.

On Friday, a Bolivian source refuted that the Libyan leader had arrived at the Cochabamba airport on a private flight and had been welcomed by a cabinet minister.

It is the second time that Gaddafi’s adversaries claim that he has fled the country: the first time was in May, after a heavy NATO raid.

Last week, Gaddafi himself told Libyan media that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) had stepped up its psychological warfare against the legal government.

Media organizations with correspondents in the zones held by the self-styled National Transition Council (NTC) reported on a communiqué calling on the people in Tripoli to be prepared for a final attack to occupy the capital.

Such an announcement followed an increase in NATO air raids on Tripoli, as a result of which 20 people were killed, according to official statistics, and on other regions where the NTC insurgents operate.

Sources from the opposition pointed out that their troops were approaching Tripoli to take control of the capital after conquering the eastern city of Zlitan, which has been under heavy attacks by NATO since last week.

Ibrahim ruled out those allegations and noted that the troops loyal to Gaddafi control the city.

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