Egyptians Protest Israeli Attack on Sinai

Cairo, Aug 20 (Prensa Latina) The Egyptian government demanded explanations from Israel for the death of five agents who were shot by soldiers of the government of Tel Aviv Friday, in an obscure incident in the Desert of Sinai, provoking protests in the Egyptian capital.

The Egyptian security agents were shot Thursday by Israeli troops on the border, according to media reports that quoted official sources.

The incident occurred after three simultaneous attacks by armed men against a bus transporting Israeli soldiers, a car and an ambulance.

No organization or institution took the credit for the action and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) issued a communiqué Thursday saying it had no responsibility for this action and that it does not pardon or support actions against civilians.

A few hours later, the Israeli Air Force attacked civil zones in the Gaza Strip killing seven people, one of them a child.

The Egyptian government demanded that Tel Aviv open an investigation on the aggression, which has all the features of revenge, in the opinion of demonstrators marching in both capitals, where a strong anti-Israeli sentiment emerged after the resignation of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

The Israeli Air Force attacked zones of the Gaza Strip once again Friday, killing two people and injuring six, according to the latest reports.

The air attacks caused the launching of rudimentary rockets from Gaza, injuring several people, if one is to believe the accounts of Israeli sources based on reports censored by the military.

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