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Chile: Students Reject New Gov´t Proposal

Santiago de Chile, Aug 18 (Prensa Latina) “We don´t want to improve the system, it has to be changed,” student leader Camila Vallejo said Thursday in response to a third government proposal to resolve the political crisis over education reform. Continue reading

Chilean Students Stand by Demands

Santiago de Chile, Aug 16 (Prensa Latina) The student movement will stand by its demands, Giorgio Jackson, president of the student federation at the Catholic University of Chile, said Tuesday.

The mobilizations of the last three months will continue if there is no assurance of any progress on student demands, he said. Continue reading

Govt. Proposal Insufficient, Say Chilean Students

Santiago, Chile, Aug 2 (Prensa Latina) Proposals made by Education Minister Felipe Bulnes are insufficient to meet Chilean students´ demands, said the president of the student board of the University of Santiago, Camilo Ballestero.

“It is not an injection of resources we are talking about. We want a structural reform with equitable access”, he told the national TVN. Continue reading

Chile: Mapuche Leader Urges President to Restart Dialogue

Santiago, Jul 31 (Prensa Latina) The Mapuche leader from the Temucuicui community, Juan Catrillanca, has called on Chilean President Sebastian Piñera to resume the talks aimed at ending the disputes between the government and the native peoples. Continue reading

Chile: 29 Students on Hunger Strike

Santiago de Chile, Jul 26 (Prensa Latina) The number of Chilean high school students on a hunger strike to support demands for improvements to the country”s education system begun last week amounts to 29, the media reported Tuesday. Continue reading

Chile: Mapuche Leader Decries Manipulation of His People”s Cause

Santiago de Chile, Jul 23 (Prensa Latina) Mapuche leader Hector Llaitul, leader of the Arauco Malleco Coordination, decried today the manipulation and criminalization of his people”s cause by the government and the economic power of his country. Continue reading

Twenty Chilean Students in Hunger Strike

Santiago de Chile,  (Prensa Latina) Another 12 high school students joined on Thursday the eight students on hunger strike protesting the lack of response by the government to the Chilean students´ demands. Continue reading

Chilean Quake Victims Demand Speedier Reconstruction

Santiago de Chile, Jul 16 (Prensa Latina) The inhabitants of one of the largest refugee camps set up in the Biobio region after the Feb. 27, 2010 earthquake held protests demanding speedier reconstruction efforts. Continue reading

Chileans Take to the Streets Again to Demand Public Education

Santiago de Chile, Jul 14 (Prensa Latina) Students, professors, social organizations and citizens will lead yet another national march on Thursday to demand free and public education.

Demonstrators will march from Plaza Italia, according to Camila Vallejo, president University of Chile Student Federation, on her Twitter account last night. Continue reading

Chile: Wave of Protests

Santiago de Chile,  (Prensa Latina) After a vain attempt to placate the rebelliousness of the student movement, Chile is approaching another week of social movements against privatization policies.

Just in the last hours, the Confederation of Students of Chile (CONFECH) officially confirmed its rejection of the Executive proposals for Higher Education, arguing that they deepen the neoliberal model and moreover emphasize profit and social exclusion. Continue reading

Labor Movement Goes on Strike in Chile

Santiago de Chile, (Prensa Latina) The Central Labor Federation (CUT) announced a 48-hour national strike in August to demand better working conditions, public education, and a new constitution.

The labor strike was scheduled for August 24-25, after a CUT National Council meeting on Sunday, said CUT President Arturo Martinez. Continue reading

Chilean Copper Miners Announce Strike

Santiago de Chile, (Prensa Latina) The Chilean Federation of Copper Workers announced a strike for July 11 to oppose plans to privatize the state-owned National Copper Company (Codelco).

The management of Codelco, the biggest copper producer in the world, is preparing for privatization, said Raimundo Espinoza, a leader of the workers’ federation, FTC. Continue reading

Chileans on Strike for Public Education

Santiago de Chile, Jun 30 (Prensa Latina) Chilean students, teachers, academics and workers walked out on a national strike Thursday to demand public, free education.

Protesters gathered on Alameda Avenue in the capital to stop for-profit education and to show disagreement with privatization policies promoted by the right-wing government. Continue reading

Vietnam, Chile Prepare Free Trade Agreement

Hanoi, Jun 23 (Prensa Latina) The Government of Vietnam confirmed on Wednesday that this country will sign a free trade agreement with Chile in November during the 19th Forum Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) in Hawaii.

The eighth and final round of negotiations ended last Saturday in Hanoi, where the parties completed the first treaty between Vietnam and a Latin American country.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Commerce explained that the agreement will promote trade exchange, expand the market and strengthen bilateral cooperation in all sectors. Continue reading

Chilean Govt. Social Network Monitoring Questioned

Santiago, Chile, Jun 22 (Prensa Latina) Parliamentarians, the Journalists´ Association, and Twitters and Facebook users questioned the Chilean government decision of controlling opinions expressed through social networks.

Legislators from opposition party Por la Democracia (For Democracy), Jaime Quintana and Ramon Farias, criticized the on-line monitoring by the General Secretariat of Government. Continue reading

Young Chileans Protest outside the Ministry of Education

Santiago, Chile,  (Prensa Latina) Chilean police arrested about thirty university students protesting outside the Ministry of Education in this capital, in the midst of radical protests against education for profit. Continue reading

Chile Volcano Causing Widespread Flight Disruptions

A cloud of ash from an erupting volcano in southern Chile has – for a third day, Tuesday – disrupted air travel in South America, Australia and New Zealand, causing widespread delays. More than 60,000 passengers have been stranded.

While flights in some areas have resumed, including Melbourne, planes to and from New Zealand and Adelaide, Australia remain grounded Tuesday. Continue reading

Chilean Mapuches End Hunger Strike

Santiago de Chile,  (Prensa Latina) The hunger strike of four indigenous Mapuche leaders jailed in Chile ended on Friday, according to their spokeswoman, Natividad .

Hector Llaitul, Ramon Llanquileo, Jose Huenuche and Jonathan Huillical ended their 90-day fast after reuniting at a hospital in Victoria, La Araucania, after they had been forcibly separated and transferred depite protests from their families, Llanquileo said. Continue reading

Chilean Mapuches Outraged at Supreme Court Ruling

Santiago de Chile,  (Prensa Latina) There is no justice for the indigenous Mapuche people in Chile, said spokesman Pamela Pessoa in harshly critizing a Supreme Court sentence handed down to four Mapuche leaders.

The Supreme Court ignored calls to overturn a controversial trial and gave eight-year prison sentences to Jose Hueneche, Ramon Llanquileo and Jonathan Hullical, and 14 years to Hector Llaitul. Continue reading

Chilean University Students Announce National Strike

Santiago, Chile, May 31 (Prensa Latina) The Chilean Students Federation (Confech) confirmed it will hold a national strike on Wednesday to protest for-profit education, a new link in a wave of demonstrations against the neoliberal model. Continue reading

Student Strike Announced in Chile

Santiago de Chile, May 31 (Prensa Latina) The Student Federation of Chile announced a national strike for Wednesday if the Government”s silence on their demands in defense of public education continues in the next hours.

The presidents of the university federations, who are supported by the Association of Teachers of Chile, said they will radicalize their protests against privatization and the exclusive model that prevails in the country. Continue reading

Chile Decrees Environmental Pre-emergency

Santiago de Chile, May 29 (Prensa Latina) The worsening of the air quality in this capital on Sunday forced Chilean authorities to move from the decreed state of alert to one of environmental pre-emergency. Continue reading

Chileans Protest Neoliberalism

Santiago, Chile, May 28 (Prensa Latina) Mass protests in Chile are part of the world wave that wants to get rid of capitalist exploitation and abuse, according to Punto Final magazine.

The emblematic Latin American left-wing quarterly journal referred to public demonstrations staged countrywide this month, describing them as the largest in the last 20 years. Continue reading

Allende’s Remains Exhumed to Clear up his Death

Santiago de Chile, May 23, (Prensa Latina) The remains of former Chilean President Salvador Allende were exhumed Monday to settle speculation that has prevailed ever since his death at La Moneda Palace on September 11, 1973. Continue reading

ECLAC Warns of Worrying Rise in Basic Good Prices

Santiago de Chile, May 23 (Prensa Latina) The UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean warned of the harmful impact on the region of the latest rise in prices for basic goods.

Such volatility is triggering uncertainty and represents an obstacle to investment and the sustained accumulation of technological and productive capacities in these countries, said ECLAC executive secretary Alicia Barcena. Continue reading