Amazonia burns

Between June and September, is produced in the Amazonia the that is known as the dry months, and in this time, also brings the increased of fires that continually do not stop throughout the year in the sub region. These “unseen” fires have been set deliberately to “clean up” the forest and get new land for farming and cultivation. It is estimated, according to official numbers from the Brazilian government, that this practice only in the 2010, has consumed more than 15,000 square kilometers of forest.

Experts say that up to 20% of the 1.6 million square kilometers of tropical forest has been destroyed by development, logging and agriculture. And consider that by 2030, half the Amazonia will be severely damaged product fires or logging.

The “noble” Brazilian law allows owners of the farms in the Amazonia, which can hold up to 80 percent of their land in forests. And this carte blanche or license to kill and, aided by the trick of fires, their stockades, annually moving into the jungle, and with the greatest impunity.

The greed of Brazilian landowners, has no limit. They annihilate to anyone who opposes their expansionist projects: men, women, animal or plant. They act the style of american Kukuxklán (organization that murdered in the fire, to hundreds of people of color). Their fires devastate the heart of South America at a rate of eight thousand fires per day, so the evidenced the photographs taken by the satellites.

A pleasure useless, because they burn the Amazonia in order to obtain arable land and graze cattle, despite calls by the scholars of the land, which reaffirm that it is a terrible and useless sacrifice, as the ground in this region is almost unproductive, because is very acid. Fungi inhabiting the humus layer, are completely harmless to the homogeneous vegetation of the jungle, but are an unavoidable plague to the plantations that program the man. In fact, only three percent of this region is cultivable, the rest, of tropical acid soil is not useful without their protection tree.

The result of this aggressive and persistent deforestation, has placed Brazil in the top 10 largest emitters of CO2. To pump each year, about 200 million metric tons of gas into the atmosphere.

Paradoxical reality of Brazil. The great green country with the highest biodiversity and is in turn one of the biggest polluters and destroyers of the flora and fauna planet .

Tudo bem ¿? Não, meus friends Brazilians, Queima a Amazônia não é bem!

By Lenin Cardozo

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