Turkey to Support Somalia Rebuild Civil Infrastructure

Mogadishu, Aug 19 (Prensa Latina) Turkey”s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan announced on Friday his government”s decision to help Somalia in the creation of a solid infrastructure as part of an international action to support the African country.

The construction of six hospitals, the repair of the telephone, electricity, and road systems, the restoration of schools, and supply of food to fight hunger, are among the aid proposals to the western African State.

Ministers, members of the Parliament, and business people are part of the delegation accompanying Erdogan, whose airplane had a mechanic problem and had a forced landing.

The visit was made after the emergency summit of the Islamic Cooperation Organization held in Ankara, in which an urgent aid of $350 million USD for Somalia, ravaged by hunger caused by a severe drought for the last 60 years, was agreed.

Turkeyâ�Ös efforts join those of Mexico and Italy, whose governments have just agreed in sending humanitarian aid to the over 3 million 700,000 Somalis suffering the lack of food.

Erdogan toured camps for the displaced after meeting with the president of the Transition Federal Government Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, who thanked him for the visit and called it historical.

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