Interview with Alan Smith of Gold International, gold mine company operating in Amazonia

Interviewer: Mr. Smith, As the President of one of the largest transnational gold mine operating in the Amazonia, we are interested in knowing your argument, and we ask the universe for the strength to understand, so we can comprehend how your company justify the mining holocaust that is being cause to the green lung of the planet. Having said that, here is my question: Have your company ever tabulated the human cost and other species that die during the extraction process of every gram of gold in the Amazonia?

Mr. Smith: We estimate that for every 3 grams of extracted gold, at least one human life is lost and approximate one hundred different species’ are also lost. The reason being, that in order to extract 3 or 4 grams of gold, besides the removal of one ton of earth/soil, this earth must be saturated with mercury, which act as an agglomerate agent. The process is very similar to the magnet when attracts particles of iron. This is what occurs with mercury and gold. And when this heavy metal enters in contact with the human body, there is an immediate intoxication, which is cumulative and lethal.

Everyone in contact with large quantities of mercury, die within four to five years, and if the body resist such level of poisoning, they developed serious neurological damage, resulting in death as well. Obviously, the poisoning to the flora and fauna is proportionally larger, because the earth’s mercury is washed along the rivers surrounding these gold mining camps, hence, thousand of fish and other species’ that are in contact with this contaminated water die. In all these gold mining camps there is one common denominator, the stench cause by the hundred’s of dead animals, product of contaminated water.

Interviewer: There are regulations or laws that prohibit the use of mercury due to its lethal effect on individuals that work with it as well as to the environment. Why is it that the industry promotes and continues its use? However, there are decrees that limit the mining areas and your company freely operates in any of the eight countries that form the Amazonia. Would it be that Gold International is above the law of these nations?

Mr. Smith: All these regulations and laws that regulate gold mining are a disguise. They are a political façade. We are internationally supported by the “Sustainable Development” thesis, and as long as this “sustainability”, meaning, feeding a few thousand, we will continue the “development” in the grieving Amazonia.

Interviewer: In a ending note, I noticed that you don’t wear any gold ornament. Are you afraid that you could become contaminated with any trace of mercury?

Mr. Smith: I never wear gold rings or necklaces, because you know that behind every piece of jewelry there are many deaths. I prefer to let remorse sleep!♦

By Lenin Cardozo

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