Chile: Students Reject New Gov´t Proposal

Santiago de Chile, Aug 18 (Prensa Latina) “We don´t want to improve the system, it has to be changed,” student leader Camila Vallejo said Thursday in response to a third government proposal to resolve the political crisis over education reform.

Vallejo, spokeswoman for the Chilean Student Federation, said the mobilizations of the last three months had not been aimed at achieving a law to regulate profiteering in education, but to end it.

The neoliberal education model imposed in Chile during the Pinochet dictatorship failed, and now Sebastian Piñera has the historic opportunity to definitively change it, she said.

Education Minister Felipe Bulnes submitted a new four-point proposal on Wednesday evening, but expert Mario Waissbluth said it proposed only consmetic changes and not structural reform.

The proposal was criticized by opposition leaders, teachers’ organizations and students, and supported only by ruling party politicians.

The student movement, which has grown into a social and citizens’ movement, planned another national strike Thursday to demand free public education.

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