Bolivia: Gov´t, Indigenous Dialogue on Road Project Stagnates

La Paz, Aug 18 (Prensa Latina) Despite numerous appeals from the government to hold talks, indigenous leaders will begin the fourth day of their march to the capital on Thursday, although some people began to drop out. According to Adolfo Chavez, participants in the march to protest the construction of a road that goes thrugh Isiboro Secure National Park in Beni, insisted on demanding the presence of President Evo Morales as their only valid interlocutor.

The government needs to first exhaust talks at the level of ministries, because Morales is willing to listen to social sectors, but without pressure or conditions, said Minister of the Presidency Carlos Romero.

The administration is willing to consider alternatives on the road project from inhabitants of the indigenous area, Romero said.

The protesters began their march on Aug 15 from the city of Trinidad, and on Thursday will rest in Samayairi, 40 km from San Ignacio de Moxos, though some people have dropped out due to a lack of water and blazing heat.

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