Chilean Students Stand by Demands

Santiago de Chile, Aug 16 (Prensa Latina) The student movement will stand by its demands, Giorgio Jackson, president of the student federation at the Catholic University of Chile, said Tuesday.

The mobilizations of the last three months will continue if there is no assurance of any progress on student demands, he said.
To hold talks with Parliament, it is necessary for the government to provide guarantees on the student movementâ�Ös demands, Jackson said.

The solution to may demands are incumbent soley on the administration, Jackson told Cooperativa newspaper.

The student leader also said that high school students are also asking for the same guarantees, which include radical reform of the Chilean education system.

The Chilean studentâ�Ös movement, together with teachers’ unions, families, and many other sectors in society are demanding the government pay for public education.

They are also demanding an end to profiteering in education, lower transportation costs for students, less inequality in public schools and a reduction of the huge debts students have when they graduate from university.

Students and their supporters want to hold a national plebiscite on education reform.

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