Serenade of Fidelity, a Tradition of Love

Havana, Aug 13 (Prensa Latina) At midnight on Saturday, to the sounds of a live rumba performance, the concert Serenata de la Fidelidad (Serenade of Fidelity) celebrated the 85th birthday of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

This was a “gift from the soul, by mandate of the memory of (artist) Oswaldo Guayasamin,” materialized through the perseverance of a foundation that bears his name as a feeling of love among those who appreciate the special meaning of the life of a man, a people and a Revolution.

For a little more than three hours, artists from nine countries sang to the “brother of humanity and, in his person, to the heroic people of Cuba,” with a diversity of genres and styles representing the richness of Latin American culture.

From other nations, the concert featured Argentine Raly Barrionuevo and Liliana Herrero, Chilean Pancho Villa, Peruvian Marcela Perez Silva, Paraguayan Ricardo Flecha, Uruguayans Braulio Lopez and Daniel Viglitti, Bolivian Cecilia Todd, Venezuelan Antonio Ostos, Bulgarian Yordanka Kristova, and the Ecuadorian band Pueblo Nuevo.

Cuban singers included Tony Avila, Raul Torres, Vicente Feliu and Manuel Argudin, the rappers Anonimo Consejo, reggaeton singer Baby Lores in a video film, Omara Portuondo, pianist Frank Fernandez, improvisers Tomasita Quiala and Hector Gutierrez, singer Maria Victoria Rodriguez, son musician Candido Fabre, and the Moncada and Buena Fe bands.

The showâ�Ös host was Ecuadorian Pancho Garcia, who said, “A tribute based on admiration, respect, gratitude and love, which grows deep in the hearts of the peoples worldwide.”

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