Venezuela’s economic relations have contributed to face effects of capitalist crisis

Caracas, 09 Ago. AVN .- Venezuela”s sovereign policies aim to diversify markets jointly with new international economic relations have allowed the country to face the effects of the capitalist crisis, explained this Tuesday the Science, Technology and Intermediate Industries Minister, Ricardo Menendez.

Menendez added that if the commercial, almost unilateral, relation of Venezuela with the Government of the United States would be maintained, the country would have collapsed.

“That”s why President Chavez has proposed to diversify markets, for instance, with China, Russia and European countries. Now Venezuela has a [commercial] relation that has been diversified,” he said.

Menendez, also vice-president for the Economic Productive Area, added that it is a risk to focus the economy of a country in a single market, because “if said market collapses, we would be hooked and we would collapse together.”

He said that the policies aim to diversify the economy and foreign relations are based on how important is sovereignty as a mean to guarantee happiness to people.

“The country has received investments as ever before so as t promote economic structures different to what we had traditionally,” he stated.

Menendez highlighted that capitalism”s main nonsense “is related to the exploitation of human beings, for the mere accumulation of capital.”

In contrast, human beings wellbeing and social investment are the priorities for socialism.

“We have been focusing on inclusion, sovereign policies, recovering of the Orinoco Oil Belt, natural resources (…) As a result we have become a power, but a power to create peace and solidarity ties, not to promote war as capitalism does when it is in crisis or close to elections,” he added.

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