Venezuela maintains low poverty, unemployment rates despite capitalism’s crisis


Caracas, 09 Ago. AVN .- The Government of Venezuela, through social investment and implementing policies attached to people”s wellbeing, has achieved to maintain low poverty and unemployment rates despite capitalism”s crisis, informed this Tuesday the vice-president for the Economic Productive Area, Ricardo Menendez.

He explained that since 2008, when the crisis unleashed, and countries such as Greece, the United States, Italy, Great Britain and Spain, among other, entered into an economic recession, Venezuela has maintained a consistent social policy to protect population in social terms.

“Whereas world”s economy keeps falling, we are already in positive and growing thanks to a significant element: when all the countries fell in that negative trend, all were falling, and we kept social investment with above 400 billion dollars destined to it,” he underscored.

For instance, the food production program AgroVenezuela Mission has received in 2011 more than 35% that investments made in 2010. Likewise, he highlighted that poverty and unemployment rates remain in one digit, despite the strong effects of the crisis.

“In 1999, we received the Government with a general poverty above 62 percent and 30 percent of extreme poverty. Right now, general poverty is at 26 percent and extreme poverty at 7 percent,” he explained.

Likewise, “while these crises were taking place in Greece, Spain, United States, we have always maintained unemployment rate in one digit. That is to say, while these crises were affecting the world, the social aspect prevailed in Venezuela, because human beings, inhabitants of our country, are the priority for the Revolution.”

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