Scientists Identify Genetic Copy Linked to Ovarian Cancer

London, Aug 9 (Prensa Latina) A team of scientists identified a genetic copy linked to the development of ovarian cancer, according to results of a research revealed in this capital. This discovery is the most significant regarding genes linked to this type of cancer in over a decade, noted main author of the study Nazneen Rahman, from the Cancer Research Institute and The Royal Marsden in London.

Lab tests showed the cells with the said mutation are sensitive to the poli inhibitors (adnosina-difosfato-ribosa) polimerasa PARP, a new group of drugs created to treat tumors caused by mutations in two genes found in breast cancer and ovarian cancer BRCAI and MRCA2.

During the research Rhaman and his team compared the DNA of 911 women with ovary and breast cancer with that of 10,000 members of a control group.

They found eight mutations of RAD51D in cancer patients compared to only one in the control group.

Some drug firms are working in the creation of PARP inhibitor medicines like olaparib that could stop the development of ovarian cancer in clinical tests.

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