Investigation equipment made in Venezuela distributed among security organs

Caracas, 09 Ago. AVN .- A total of 150 suitcases filled with tools and chemical substances necessary to accelerate criminal investigations, mainly in the fight against drugs, were distributed this Tuesday among different Venezuelan security organs in the framework of the National Anti-Drugs Plan 2009-2013, which includes institutional strengthening.

Suitcases include chemical substances to help officers identify drugs in the same place of the seizing. The substances are made in Venezuela and exported to Ecuador and Bolivia. Also, there is a vacuum with a special filter, developed by the Venezuelan institute for Scientific Research (IVIC), aim to collect particles from the floors of vehicles, boats, aircrafts, among other, to find out if a drug shipment was transported.

In addition, the Bolivarian National Guard received a Criminal Research Mobile Unit that makes easier capturing and processing criminal evidences in place.


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