GIS XXI: 58% of Venezuelans give positive mark to president Chavez’s Administration

Caracas, 09 Ago. AVN .- Jesse Chacon, director of the pollster company GIS XXI, said on Monday that 58% of Venezuelans consider the Administration of president Hugo Chavez as positive.

“Venezuelans still think that the President is able to command the revolutionary process,” Chacon added with respect at the current health condition of the Venezuelan head of State, who is currently in Cuba receiving chemotherapy.

Chacon explained that the study was conducted in July and there is a growth of 3.3% compared to the same poll conducted in June.

He informed that 56% of Venezuelans think that the head of State, despite his health condition, should continue with its presidential functions.

Chacon said that social policies implemented by Chavez and the way he has faced its illness have boosted his popularity.

“People have seen the President facing with lot of courage his cancer, instead of isolating himself, and he has followed his treatment in parallel with its [presidential] functions,” Chacon said.

Moreover, he pointed out that 70% of Venezuelans see Chavez as the only candidate of the Bolivarian Revolution for the presidential elections in 2012 and his inter-monthly growth of popularity passed from 1.5 to 3%.

Finally, Chacon said that 71% of Venezuelans think Chavez will fully overcome his cancer.

“It is just a perception. People have seen a President that have shown lot of strength.”

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