Bolivarian Government updates strategic map 2011-2031

Caracas, 09 Ago. AVN .- The Bolivarian Government is updating its strategic map for the period 2011-2031, informed the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, through his Twitter account.

He wrote the message during an interview that was offering parliamentarian Hector Navarro in a Venezuelan TV show.

“Hector remind the Tactical Window! That was our strategic map! We are updating it: 2011-2031! Join us! We shall overcome!!” Chavez wrote.

Recently, the Planing and Finances Minister, Jorge Giordani, said that social programs will be strengthened in upcoming periods, as it has been included in the new strategic map.

Moreover, Chavez greeted the host of the TV show and informed that he is already receiving chemotherapy in La Havana, Cuba.

“Hey Tania, hi Hector! I”m here lying down receiving my chemo…. and waiting for Fidel (Castro) to dinner fish as he offered!”


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