U.S. Co. Suspends Trips to Cuba

Washington, Aug 8 (Prensa Latina) Abercrombie & Kent (A&K) Co., one of the first travel companies to jump into the Cuba trips allowed by a new Obama administration policy, suspended the tours to Cuba after some problems popped up.

A&K, a luxury travel firm, had sold to U.S. citizens 13 tours organized jointly with the Foundation for Caribbean Studies, holder of one of the licenses to organize people to people trips issued by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Controls (OFAC).

OFAC issued a declaration on July 25th pointing out the existence of some problems between the arrangements of the travel agency and the foundation, based in California.

OFAC communiqué notes that the companies that do not hold a license to organize trips to Cuba can not use that of another company. A&K lacks that permit, according to OFAC spokesman, Jean Fawcett.

Up to the present, the Treasury Department has issued nearly 30 licenses to travel companies that claim they would provide “people-to-people” communication.

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