Israeli Parliament Cancels Holiday Due to Protests

Jerusalem, Aug 8 (Prensa Latina) The Israeli Knesset, or Parliament, suspended its summer holiday on Monday due to a demand of Kadima, the opposition party, to analyze the escalation of anti-government protests.

Kadima called other political organizations of like ideological trend to analyze this week the growing popular discontent due to the economic cuts, with more pressure on the lowest-income sectors.

The ruling ultra right wing Likud Government, supported by the ultra orthodox religious parties, has implemented neoliberal measures which raise the cost of living of low-income Israeli people.

According to some local sources, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not willing to hold talks with demonstrators and despite the protests he gave a summer recess to the Knesset.

“We cannot close the doors of the Knesset just now that the situation needs to be discussed,” said the Kadima spokesperson.

Hundreds of elderly joined the over two week demonstrations in Tel Aviv on Monday to protest the high cost of living in Israel.

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