Court to Analyze Guatemalan Presidential Candidate Case

Guatemala, Aug 8 (Prensa Latina) Sympathizers of former Guatemalan First Lady Sandra Torres remain in front of the headquarters of the Constitutional Court (CC) to put pressure for her registration as presidential candidate.

A group of lawyers will analyze this Monday an appeal to allow the candidate for the National Unity Coalition of Hope-Grand National Alliance (UNE-GANA)to be a candidate in the general elections due in September.

The CC members have until Tuesday to issue their decision in the last opportunity of UNE-GANA to register the names of their slate in the list of the Supreme Electoral Court (SEC).

Nevertheless, magistrates may request a five-day postponement to arrive at a decision in this very drawn-out matter.

Torres, accompanied by Roberto Diaz-Duran as Vice- presidential candidate, was refused registration in the SEC Citizens Roll because that body said that were they to register her they would be committing a constitutional violation.

It argued that a fraud would have been committed, because no one with family ties to the president, including husband or wife, can run for elections to the presidency, and that Torres got divorced to circumvent that rule.

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