Chavez: Medical Treatment a Success

Caracas, Aug 8 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela´s President Hugo Chavez stated on Monday that the chemotherapy treatment started in Cuba is now progressing satisfactorily and medical studies yield positive signs of recovery after undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.

“I keep gaining weight and muscle mass and my mood is insuperable,” the president said referring to studies carried out on Sunday to check his health, which has been a significant improvement.

In a phone conversation with the state TV channel Venezolana de Television, Chavez also said he has kept informed of his country´s situation and worked along with Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro on issues of national interest.

Chavez also talked of his admission 40 years ago to the Military Academic, considered his temple of birth and where he trained as a fighter for the ideals of socialism.

Chavez traveled to Havana on Saturday to continue his chemotherapy treatment to ward off the possible reproduction of malignant cells.

Before leaving for Cuba, Chavez swore in Iris Valera as new Minister of Correctional Services, and met with his ministerial cabinet.


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