Bolivian Workers, Gov´t Resume Talks on Wage Hike

La Paz, Aug 8 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivian Labor Federation (COB) and Economy Ministry on Monday will resume talks on a wage increase demand, which caused mobilizations in April. The government on Monday will assess the demand of reaching a 12-percent increase to minimum average wages in health and education sectors, said Octavio Urquizo, a COB leader.

Other issues, which will be under discussion until Aug. 29, include the food security and re-structuring of the public Health Fund, Urquizo said.

On Aug.16, the government will announce the new measures, as promised Planning Minister Viviana Caro, and Mining Minister Jose Pimentel in the latest meeting regarding the agreement of April 17, which ended an indefinite national strike, Urquizo added.

According to Urquizo, Bolivia plans to establish a mixed economy, so the government and entrepreneurs should present their projects, along the COB initiatives, and discuss whether of them are feasible.

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