Spanish Police Suppress Protesters

Madrid, (Prensa Latina) At least 13 people were hurt and four arrested after police suppressed thousands of members of the 15-M protest movement who were trying to get to Puerta del Sol square.

Members of what is also known as the so-called “Outraged” movement described as “brutal” the police repression reported Thursday night in the surroundings of the Interior Ministry.

According to emergency services sources, 13 demonstrators were injured, with some requiring stitches.

Thursday was the third day of protest by the “Outraged” demonstrators, after authorities decided to evict them from Puerta del Sol, where the movement began staging protests two and half months ago.

The movement was created on May 15, when thousands of people responded to an unanimous call made over Internet social networks to take to the streets and demand a new political, social, and economic system.

Despite the police repression, demonstrators were determined to continue protesting and called for another march to Puerta del Sol on Friday.

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