IMF Chief Investigated, Sarkozy Criticized

Paris, Aug 5 (Prensa Latina) The Court of Justice of the Republic decided to open an investigation into IMF executive director Christine Lagarde due to the existance of irregularities when she was France´s economy and finance minister, as some fingers pointed at the Elysium.

In May, the General Attorney´s Office considered it had reason to investigate the current IMF chief for abuse of power, because of her handling of the scandal surrounding French tycoon Bernard Tapie.

Lagarde, one of the most prominent figures of the conservative government of President Nicolas Sarkozy, was being investigated for her role in a 285 million euro arbitration settlement to Tapie, who claimed that Credit Lyonnais Bank defrauded him in the sale of the Adidas group.

Since the investigation began, the IMF chief has shown confidence that no fault would be found with her conduct, while Sarkozy and his friendship with Tapie continue to be the target of all the criticism.

Tapie was a socialist, but backed the current leader in the 2007 presidential elections.


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