Honduran President Alerts on Impunity

Tegucigalpa,  (Prensa Latina) Honduran President Porfirio Lobo warned Friday that nothing motivates delinquency more than impunity.

“We have to be energetic and punish those who generate fear in the population,” pointed out Lobo and called on the Judicial Power to play its role.

He said he has instructed the authorities of the Security Ministry to carry out constant operations in places with a high index of crime rate.

He said that the purpose of that measure is to lower the incidence of delinquency, to return trust to the population and guarantee a higher safety.

He added that parallelly, the necessary equipment is being supplied to the National Police and the Army to make them more effective in the fight against crime.

Lobo commented on the recent release of two men accused of transporting 72 grenades in a car, and said that the law must always be enforced.

The Prosecutor Office did not present accusations for illicit association or another serious crime, and the judge only assessed the charge of illegal transport of ammunition.

The two men were released on bond and requested not to leave the country and be at their lawyers’ care.

The Police surprised them when they were transporting explosive devices to be shot with M-16 grenade launchers.

The illegal transport of war ammunition is punished with penal sentences between eight to ten years in prison, according to the current Honduran penal law, local press media reminded Friday.


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