Panama: Opposition Wants Resignation of Social Security Chief

Panama City,  (Prensa Latina) Opposition members of parliament are demanding the resignation of Social Security Fund (CSS) director Guillermo Saez Llorens for his responsibility in 16 deaths from the bacteria KPC.

The intensive care unit of the CSS Metropolitan Hospital Complex was attacked in August 2010 by the Klebsiella pneumonia (KCP) hospital bacteria, infecting over 50 patients, 16 of whom died.

The Panamanian Medical Association says many more have died, and joined the demand for the resignation of Saez, saying he was aware of the bacteria from the start and that his reaction was slow, useless and irresponsible.

Saez says he is not responsible for the situation, which has rocked the public health care system and alarmed the system’s main users, low-income Panamanians.

The Health Minister Franklin Bergara said patients of the hospital complex had no cause for concern, because the KCP bacteria only affected the intensive care unit.

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