Spain: Police Evicts Last Protesters in Madrid

Madrid, Aug 2 (Prensa Latina) Spanish riot officers on Tuesday evicted the last group of the self-described “outraged” or 15-M movement at Paseo del Prado and Puerta del Sol.

Madrid’s police cordoned off the square early on Tuesday morning where members of the 15-M had been camped out since May to protest the current economic and political system and propose a new model for the country.

The eviction was fast and passed off without incident, although some protesters peacefully resisted, according to witnesses.

A spokesman for the United Left Coalition, Gaspar Llamazares, tweeted that the government was evicting “the outraged” to conceal the social conflict from the visits to the social networks, while the causes and the movement continue, the deputy affirmed.

The local police affirmed that the operation would remain activated during the whole day in the city to prevent “the outraged” from going back to Puerta del Sol and that new protests backing the social movement trigger.


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