Nicaraguan Groups Ready Election Campaigns

Managua, Aug 2 (Prensa Latina) The Nicaragua capital returned to normal after almost three days of religious holidays as political movements prepared to begin election campaigning, which officially starts on August 20.

Mayor Daysi Torres attended almost all activities for the patron saint’s holidays, which last until August 10, when the 18-centimeter icon of Santo Domingo is returned to its starting point.

In statements to local media, Torres expressed her satisfaction at the number of people who attended these celebrations and for the security guaranteed by nearly 3,000 police officers.

Amid the 3-day religious holidays, political groups that intend to defeat the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front FSLN) in the November elections continued readying their respective election campaigns.

The archbishop of Managua, Monsignor Leopoldo Brenes, gave a political touch to the religious holidays when he demanded on Sunday that the Supreme Electoral Supreme Council respect the people’s will at the polls.


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