Venezuela Rejects NATO Bombing on Libyan TV Network

Caracas, Jul 31 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Hugo Chavez Frias has condemned the bombing Saturday by the military forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization against the facility of the Libyan state TV network Al-Jamahiriya .

  The Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a statement rejecting the attack, regarding it as a “cruel display of the hypocrisy by the imperialist powers that are leading an open war against the people of Libya.” 

The release makes reference to similar NATO attack against the Serbian radio and TV networks on April 23, 1999.

According to the document the actions make NATO the only contemporary military alliance that has transformed the professionals of communication into systematic war objectives.

The Venezuelan government demands a halt of the aggression against Libya and asks to give peace a chance to solve the conflict peacefully and with respect for the Libyan sovereignty.

Despite the attack, which according to the media caused three dead and at least 15 wounded, the Libyan state TV network kept on broadcasting its own programs.

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