US Political Parties Get Closer Positions on Debt

Washington, Jul 29 (Prensa Latina) US President Barack Obama assured Friday the Republican and Democrat Parties are not too far from reaching an agreement to raise the limit of the debt fixed now in 14.29 trillion dollars.
Obama said any solution to avoid the moratorium has to be fostered by Republicans and Democrats alike, without any difference.

He reiterated that “time is running out” for the US to reach a pact to increase the debt limit, and reasserted that the power to solve the problem was in their hands.

Most US citizens do not agree with the step Obama and the US Congress leaders have taken to negotiate the debt limit, wrote the USA Today.

The newspaper and the Gallup Agency carried out a joint poll that show that on the debt issue, the public opinion favors the White House over the stance taken by Republican and Democrat leaders in Capital Hill.

At least, four of every 10 US citizens consider Obama is rightfully handling the discussion.

The US debt went over the official limit in May, and is now close to 14.5 trillion dollars.

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