Chavez Urges People to Face Challenges with Unity

Caracas, Jul 30 (Prensa Latina) President Hugo Chavez called on the people to face political challenges with the union of all social factors in order to strengthen the national program.

In remarks to journalists during a work meeting with members of his Cabinet at Miraflores Palace on Saturday, the president reflected on the countryâ�Ös current political situation and the preparation for elections scheduled for next year.

On this issue, he reiterated that today he is the peopleâ�Ös presidential hopeful for the next term and announced victory in the polls, but warned of the need to step up work with those still undecided about which candidate to vote for.

“We have a challenge ahead, that is to convince those who for any reason fail to vote for us, with arguments that this project belongs to all,” he said.

In this regard, he also called the people to confront those who oppose the revolutionary government, in order to prevent them from frighten sectors that do not have any reason to be against the socialist project.

He said actions needed include the unity of all revolutionary factors, governmentâ�Ös efficiency, the solution of the peopleâ�Ös problems and the direction of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and the allies of the Patriotic Pole.


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