Cuban Film Habanastation Premieres in USA

Los Angeles, Jul 28 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban film Habanastation by young director Ian Padron will premiere Thursday at the Traverse City Film Festival in founded by U.S. filmmaker Michael Moore.

Padron and actress Blanca Rosa Blanco, one of the stars of Habanastation, will be at the premiere, a one-time screening at the Lars Hockstand Auditorium in Traverse City, Michigan, for which tickets were sold out in advance.

Padron told reporters that he was expectant about the reaction of a U.S. audience, the first outside Cuba to see the film after its July 16 premiere in Havana.

With Andy Fornaris and Ernesto Escalona as its two co-stars, the film tells the story of two boys, Mayito and Carlos, classmates from different social backgrounds who are dazzled by the world of video games.

Habanastation is a co-production of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC), the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT), and the children’s theater company La Colmenita, which provided much of the film’s cast.

After Traverse City, the film will participate in other film festivals in Europe.

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