Bolivia to Host Continental Women’s Summit

La Paz, Jul 28 (Prensa Latina) The 3rd Continental Summit of Indigenous Rural Women and Social Organizations of Abya Yala (Latin America) will be held Nov. 25 in Bolivia, according to the organizing committee.

According to Leonilda Zurita, international relations secretary of the governing Movement Toward Socialism Party, the decision was made at a two-day conference of Bolivian women in Cochabamba.

Zurita said the women also noted the need to expand gender equality and the participation of Bolivian women in positions of power and decision-making.

In the discussion on monitoring public policies to benefit women, participants in the meeting raised the development of several draft laws, especially related to eliminating violence and political harassment, said Zurita.

Zurita added that during the political, economic and social analysis, participants agreed to strengthen the process of democratic change and cultural revolution led by President Evo Morales since January 2006.

Another agreement was to stay alert to the effective implementation of Constitutional mandates benefiting women, said Zurita.


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