UN Seeks Political Solution to the War against Libya

Tripoli, Jul 26 (Prensa Latina) The United Nations is seeking to find a political solution to the NATO war against Libya and its frustrated desire of removing leader Muammar Gaddafi by force.

UN special envoy Abdul Elah al-Khatib, after contacting with the rebels in Benghazi, arrived in Tripoli seeking to implement a “political process”.

The peacekeeping mission apparently counts with the consent of the Western powers, which suggest that Gaddafi could stay in the country if he and his intimates abandon power.

There is an expectation of agreement before August, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. In addition, September 27 is the deadline for the campaign of the alliance led by NATO.

Libyan officials hope the talks will contribute to peace, but they also want to focus on civilian casualties and to demand NATO to stop its air attacks.

Meanwhile, the bombing against Libya continues, and despite the proposed dialogue, Great Britain warned that there wonâ�Öt be a ceasefire during Ramadan.

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