Cuban Leaders Highlight Political Unity to Preserve Socialism

Ciego de Avila, Cuba, Jul 26 (Prensa Latina) Cuban First Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura today highlighted the political unity existing in the Cuban people to preserve socialism and update its economic model, in the closing speech at the central act for the 58th anniversary of the Attack on Moncada Garrison, which was attended by Cuban President Raul Castro, and government and Communist Party leaders.

Hugo Chavez Greets National Rebellion Day in Cuba

Raul Castro Chairs Rebel Day Main Rally

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In his speech, the vice president said that the current battle has a crucial front in the daily and constant battle against our own mistakes and deficiencies in order to achieve national economic growth.

We have the fundamental requirements for that, which are a people prepared for the task and the essential resources, amid material limitations and the adverse international situation,¨ said Machado Ventura.

The vice president acknowledged that it takes time to change people´s way of thinking, which is the only way of changing their behaviour, in reference to the implementation of the guidelines of the economic policy of the State and the Revolution passed by the recent PCC Congress.

He also highlighted the results reached so far and the intense work that is being done at all levels for its total implementation, because those guidelines are the compass for the growth of the Cuban economic model.

That work includes harmoniously leading the efforts and actions of all the organizations and institutions and passing legislation to support the changes implemented, Machado Ventura added.

The patriotism and political unity of the majority of Cubans for preserving socialism is essential, said the vice president.

Machado Ventura stressed the progress in the delivery and putting into production of idle lands, although there are still deficiencies and delays, and emphasized the importance of exploiting agricultural production to the maximum due to the continuing US blockade on the Caribbean country.

The vice president said that the National Conference of the Communist Party, to be held in six months, will discuss the changes in methods and styles of the its work in order to consolidate its vanguard role in the Revolution and as the driving force of the society and the State.

Regarding the coming inauguration of Peru´s president-elect Ollanta Humala, Machado Ventura said that Cuba wishes him success in the implementation of his nationalist program and for more equity in the distribution of wealth.


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