Chile: 29 Students on Hunger Strike

Santiago de Chile, Jul 26 (Prensa Latina) The number of Chilean high school students on a hunger strike to support demands for improvements to the country”s education system begun last week amounts to 29, the media reported Tuesday.

Spokesmen for the students reported the increase, after three students from the Liceo Experimental Artistico joined the strike, already six days old.

On the other hand, Chilean students and teachers involved in the national protests for improvements in the education system, announced their decision to negotiate as a single block with the Education Minister, Felipe Bulnes

The the hunger strike and large demonstrations and marches over the past two months are capturing the attention of the media and public opinion in the country.

Some universities have been on strike for 10 weeks, while several high schools have been occupied by demonstrators for two months.

Basically the students reject the excessive privatization of the education system, denying access to low-income sectors of society

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