Egyptian Army: They are trying to Bring People, Army Face to Face

Cairo, Jul 23 (Prensa Latina) The Egyptian Armed Forces Supreme Council raised the alert against what it considered an attempt to bring about a breaking-off between the people and the army after clashes with demonstrators on Friday.

In a communiqué the military junta asked the population to be prudent, to neutralize such attempts and not to let themselves be manipulated by what they considered a “suspicious plan” to destroy Egypt’s stability.

The government said that a strategy was detected to cause conflict through some websites managed by a group of agents and nasty people, what the western press referred to as the April 6 Movement, one of the promoters of last January events and of the current demonstration at Tahir Square.

The April 6 movement responded to the communique of the Junta, saying there was no such conspiracy, and that it remained proud of the heroic Egyptian army whose officers and sodiers refused to shoot at demonstrators during the revolution.

Six months after the defeat of President Hosni Mubarak, the so-called Egyptian transition is caught between an incipient democratization and the risk that an authoritarian system will last, said the western press.


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