Chile: Mapuche Leader Decries Manipulation of His People”s Cause

Santiago de Chile, Jul 23 (Prensa Latina) Mapuche leader Hector Llaitul, leader of the Arauco Malleco Coordination, decried today the manipulation and criminalization of his people”s cause by the government and the economic power of his country.

In an interview granted to the state TV station, Llaitul said that such powers want to block the demands of his communities.

He also denied links with the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces or any other international organization of its type.

Llaitul affirmed they did not need economic and political support from anybody and do not consider themselves included in traditional currents of the social movements of the moment.

Llaitul is serving 25 years of prison along with rebels Ramon Llanquileo, Jonathan Huillical and Jose Huenuche.

They were charged with attempted murder against State attorney Mario Elgueta in a trial plagued with irregularities like the appearance in court of witnesses without faces.

If their demand for a fair trial is not fulfilled, rebels will turn to the international juridical institutions, because the Chilean Supreme Court has refused them the possibility of a fair trial, he added.


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