Brazil to Step up Measures Against Effects of World Crisis

Brasilia, Jul 23 (Prensa Latina) President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff announced she has planned adequate measures to face a possible infection of the European crisis or suspension of payments in the United States.

In an interview with the local media, Rousseff did not rule out the possibility of a shock in the Brazilian economy and currency stability because of the effects of the crisis at the European Union and a possible default in the US.

“If the government perceives that there is a danger because of the crisis in the developed world, severe measures will be implemented, declared the leader.

Among the priorities of the current government Rousseff assured she is specially interested in exchange rates and the value of the real in relation to the dollar.

Since Brazil is the second largest creditor of the US debt, it must keep informed of the situation in the northern nation because in some economic issues we do not know whether they are at the edge of the abyss or have found forms of protection, emphasized the Head of State.

Our responsibility, said Rousseff is to look at the situation of the European crisis and the question of the limits of the US debt with eyes wide open.

Rousseff also stated that programs are being prepared to stimulate national industrial production and to reform the tax system, which will be implemented in August.

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