Costa Ricans March in Defense of Social Security Fund

San Jose, July 22 (Prensa Latina) More than 6,000 workers of the Social Security Fund and other unions marched in support of the three-day strike to defend this state agency.

Extra newspaper quoted the President of the Federation of Organizations of the Social Security Fund, Juan Carlos Duran, who said that this is just one of the actions in defense of the agency, to ensure its equipment and respect the rights of workers and the insured.

While the government and the managers of the fund attempt to minimize the majority support for the strike that began on Tuesday, sources insist that it is supported by nearly 80 percent of employees in the sector.

Even the general secretary of the National Association of Public and Private Employees, Albino Vargas, said that the march on Thursday will strengthen the movement initiated in hospitals, clinics and other areas.

Vargas announced that the protest will continue, as unions prepare a set of suggestions to lower the economic deficit suffered by the fund.

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