Role of Culture in Transformations Highlighted in Bolivia

Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Jul 21 (Prensa Latina) Culture is the driving force behind many ongoing processes of change in our countries, said Minister of Cultures of Bolivia Elizabeth Salguero.

In remarks to Prensa Latina during the 6th Meeting of Culture Ministers of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), Salguero insisted on the importance of working on public policies, legislation and regulations coherent with ongoing transformations in our countries.

Neoliberalism dismantled and made invisible cultures like those of our native peoples, she said, and she emphasized the need to rescue those values.

Ecuadorian Culture Minister Erika Sylva highlighted the importance of ALBA, which groups countries leading the processes of change and transformation in Latin America, and urged members to promote institutional strengthening in order to be more effective in achieving their targets.

Cuban Deputy Minister of Culture Fernando Rojas recalled that ALBA has an avant-garde position that implies an enormous responsibility, as it is an instrument to promote anti-capitalist ideas.

This meeting preceded the 18th Forum of Culture Ministers of Latin America and the Caribbean to be held for two days in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

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