New Egyptian Ministers to Swear

Cairo, Jul 21 (Prensa Latina) Ten new Egyptian ministers appointed by Prime Minister Issam Charaf will swear in their respective posts this Thursday, almost 48 hours after the date announced, as revealed by official sources Wednesday.

The new ministers will take office after the swearing-in ceremony before Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, president of the Supreme Military Council, now ruling Egypt after the resignation of former president Hosni Mubarak, forced out by strong social protests in January.

The next Egyptian Cabinet will be formed by 13 ministries, two of which (Justice and Interior) will be headed by the same ministers as before the present restructuring.

Meanwhile, the demonstrators at the Tahrir Plaza in Cairo are still awaiting the deadline given to the military board to fulfil their demands for democratic reforms and speed the trials against Mubarak�s followers accused of crimes against humanity and embezzlement.

Some days ago, hundreds of people started concentrating at the Tahrir Plaza and threatened to restart social protests if the transition government persists in its tepidness to fulfil their demands.

The forced retirement of 699 generals and other high police officials and the announcement that the trials on corruption and abuse will be with open doors eased the tensions of the demonstrators, who in effect gave the authorities a truce.

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