Greece: Flotilla Activists Determined to Aid Gaza

Athens, Jul 20 (Prensa Latina) The Freedom Flotilla II remains determined to break the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip and bring humanitarian aid to the Palestine people, coordinator Manuel Tapia, stated. Activists from nearly 20 countries aboard a dozen vessels plan to transport 5,000 tons of aid to Gaza.

However, the humanitarian convoy has been blocked in Greece since July 1, when Greek authorities banned all the vessels from setting sail to the Palestine territory, blockaded by Israel for the last five years.

One of the vessels that was able to travel to the Middle East, the French ship the Dignité Al Karama, was attacked on Tuesday by Israeli navy commandos, who arrested the activists on board.

Greek navy forces intercepted the ships Tahrir and Agios Nikolaos when they were traveling to Gaza in early July.

Although Greek authorities say their objective is to prevent dangerous situations, flotilla activists accuse Athens of bowing to pressure from Israel.

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