Preparations OK for 39th Baseball World Cup

Panama, Jul 16 (Prensa Latina) Preparations for the 39th IBAF Baseball World Cup are going as scheduled, president of the Organizing Committee Edwin Cabrera informed.

The Panamanian official met on Friday with diplomats from Cuba, South Korea, Canada, Greece, the United States, Venezuela, China Taipei, Puerto Rico, Japan, Holland, Australia, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Italy and Germany, all countries involved in the competition.

It was a first contact between the committee and the participants in order to start a work relation to solve every countryâ�Ös requirement, including broadcasting-related issues, in time.

Cabrera informed that everything is going very well. The schedule for the games is already in the hands of the parties involved; accommodation in high-level hotels and transportation in each of the four venues for the Cup are guaranteed.

Remodeling work is going as scheduled, and drainage of fields is now reaching completion, a very important aspect because the Cup will be held in a month of heavy rain.

Cabrera reiterated that the Cup will run in October 1-15 and the 16 teams were divided in two groups: A and B.

Group A includes the United States, Japan, China Taipei, Canada, Holland, Puerto Rico, Panama and Greece, and Group B includes South Korea, Australia, Venezuela, Italy, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Germany.

The first qualifier round is scheduled to start on October 1 with the inaugural game between Panama and Greece at Rod Carew Stadium of Panama City, and end on October 9, with eight teams supposed to be eliminated.

Then, the four winners in each group will start the second round.

The venue for Group A will be Panama City (Rod Carew Stadium and Remon Cantera Stadium, in Aguadulce district).

Group B will play at Rico Cedeno de Chitre Stadium, in Herrera province, and Omar Torrijos Stadium, in Veraguas.

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