After 6 Months, Still No Trial for Duvalier in Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Jul 16 (Prensa Latina) Saturday marked six months since the return of former Haitian dictator Jean Claude Duvalier, who has not been brought to trial despite 20 lawsuits filed against him.

Also known as Baby Doc, Duvalier returned to Haiti on Jan. 16 after 25 years of exile in France and is accused of the deaths of thousands of people during his 1971-1986 dictatorship, human rights violations, corruption, criminal association and the embezzlement of between 300 and 800 million USD.

In a press release received by Prensa Latina, the National Human Rights Defense Network said it demanded that the justice system bring the former dictator to trial as soon as possible.

The group also wants a law to be passed defining the crimes committed by Baby Doc, in case the Haitian justice system declares itself incapable of bringing him to trial.

Although a court in this capital ordered house arrest for Duvalier in April, his defense lawyer, Reynold Georges, admitted in May that his client was disobeying the order.

Last week, UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Kyung-wha Kang demanded the creation of a truth commission in Haiti to join efforts to prosecute Baby Doc.

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