Egypt Retires Police, Elections Postponed

Cairo, Jul 14 (Prensa Latina) With the early retirement of 669 police, Egypt´s military junta hopes to placate demonstrators gathered in Tahrir Square who are threatening to repeat the protests of earlier this year.

The retirement order for the officers was announced on Wednesday by Interior Minister Mansur Essawy, who said 505 of those obligated to retire are generals, 82 are colonels and the rest are officers with different ranks.

From August 1, these officers will lose their jobs, fulfilling one of the demands of protesters participating in a sit-in in Tahrir Square, epicenter of the mass demonstrations that overthrew former President Hosni Mubarak.

Protesters want the firing and trial of police accused of torturing or killing demonstrators and a reform of the Interior Ministry, among other demands.

Promised general elections, scheduled for September, will take place in late September and early October, the MENA news agency reported.

On Wednesday, Egyptian officials promised that trials for members of the previous administration, accused of different crimes, especially embezzlement, will be public and broadcast on closed circuit television, with screens placed outside courthouses.

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