Chileans Take to the Streets Again to Demand Public Education

Santiago de Chile, Jul 14 (Prensa Latina) Students, professors, social organizations and citizens will lead yet another national march on Thursday to demand free and public education.

Demonstrators will march from Plaza Italia, according to Camila Vallejo, president University of Chile Student Federation, on her Twitter account last night.

The university leader confirmed that demonstrators would stick to their planned route and not one proposed by city authorities, syaing it aimed to minimize the scope of protests.

Two different views are counterposed, a culture of money and the desire to foster a public education system for the development of the country, Vallejo said.

The Chilean student movement rejected a government proposal last week, saying it did not provide for any deep-going structural changes to the education system, considered to be one of the most expensive and exclusive in the world.

On Wednesday, activists formed the Social Front for Education, an umbrella group for all forces involved in a return to public education in Chile

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