Peruvian President-elect Reaffirms Friendship with Bolivia

Lima, (Prensa Latina) Peruvian President-elect Ollanta Humala welcomed Bolivian Minister of the Presidency Carlos Romero, and reaffirmed his interest in strengthening relations with Bolivia. During the Monday night meeting, Humala and Romero discussed bilateral friendship, and Humala reiterated the need to reinforce mutual ties for the benefit of both peoples.

Meanwhile, Romero said that Humala’s intention of recovering the legacy of the Peruvian-Bolivian Confederation of the 19th century has had a very positive repercussion in Bolivia, where he proposed the idea recently.

The government of President Evo Morales is willing to intensify bilateral trade, and to work together on the social inclusion issue, which is a key priority for both leaders.

2 responses to “Peruvian President-elect Reaffirms Friendship with Bolivia

  1. This article was really good. I look forward to reading another one.

  2. Very interesting article. I hope to read one more.

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