Chavez entrusts UBV with beginning of scientific planning for Grand Work Mission Venezuela

Caracas, . AVN .- President Hugo Chavez entrusted Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela (UBV) authorities, students and workers with the beginning of the Grand Work Mission Venezuela in the second semester of this 2011.

During the celebration of its eighth anniversary, the head of State held a phone conversation with the university community and urged them to foster said work program.

“I want the UBV, among other Revolution institutions, to be at the vanguard of the Grand [Work] Mission, with its knowledge and work. It should not exist a single municipality, where the Universidad Bolivariana is present, in which we do not start to plan scientifically the development project to speed up the changes in work and production relations,” he underscored.

Chavez reiterated that volunteering and solidarity are two principles “to create and speed up the creation of the spiritual bases of socialism.”

Finally, he recalled that the National Assembly approved recently the sum of $2.33 billion destined to the development of the Grand Work Mission Venezuela.


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