Chavez Denies Rumors about His Health

Caracas,  (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, played down the importance of rumors of opposition groups and news media about his health.

From the Palace of Miraflores, where he watched on Saturday the soccer game Venezuela vs Ecuador Copa America 2011, along with members of government, Chavez said that he has been following a strcit medical and diet plan.

However, he clarified: “The president rules”, dismissing the opinions of some who believe that his recovery situation prevents him from leading the country well.

Jokingly, Chavez also denied comments of opposition sectors, which describe his condition as a farce, and spoke about the time he came out of intensive care.

In another area, Chavez approved the release of additional resources amounting to 10 billion Bolivares (over 2.3 million USD) for each of the priority tasks (Housing Agrovenezuela and Labour) and a similar amount for payment and refinancing of the debt.

Chavez also signed the release of another millionaire amount for emergencies and disasters by rain.

On the other hand he said that inflation has been curbed and economic growth is maintained, because, although there are no results for the second quarter yet, the indicators are good.

President Chavez also approved two billion USD to expand the China-Venezuela Binational Fund, to which the Chinese government injected four billion.


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